Ep. 28 – Even More Video Games With Steve

Back to another Video Game Episode with Steve.

Mark’s playing Indie, so we get to have fun without him.

Steve and I talk about some stuff we’re excited about in the world of Video Games, almost like an entire Wish of the Week Episode.

I hope you enjoy!

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Thank you all for listening, and Keep Rolling 20’s!


Ep. 18 – More On Video Games And E3

Welcome back to “Video Game Radio Hour”…
Steve and I take the table as we talk more about Video Games while Mark is away.

The new home is coming together for me, and we’re finally getting everything moved in!
With the wrap up of E3 this year, Steve and I think there’s no better time to talk about video games!

So sit down, relax, and listen to us rant about video games!

I hope you enjoy!