Ep. 41 – MicroRPG’s

This week, we talk about the mostly free, easy to learn, MicroRPG’s!

We also talk about Role-play in Video games using Elite Dangers.

For Game at a Glance, we take a look at the Tearable RPG, keeping with theme for MicroRPG’s!

I hope you enjoy!

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Ep. 17 – MegaCon

This episode, we introduce a brand new segment! RPG Reflection; where we talk about the last 7th Sea Actual Play we recorded.

We go into discussion about Mark and Steve’s trip to MegaCon this year and my jealousy of not being able to attend.

Wish of the Week
Star Trek Adventures

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MegaCon Discussion

MegaCon Interviews

I hope you enjoy, and Keep Rolling 20’s