Flash, Bash, And Panache Ep. 7 – The Urchins

Welcome back to Flash, Bash, and Panache! A 7th Sea Actual Play Podcast
The GM has come back around to me, so I’ll be running Mark and Steve through some more adventure!

The Crew travels to Wandesbarrow, a city far North of Carleon. There, they meet a very unusual group of individuals, the Urchins.

I hope you enjoy!


Ep. 24 – TSR Games

Welcome back to Tabletop Radio Hour!
I’m back from the Honeymoon everyone! We had a great time in California, and we didn’t want to come back.

This week we talk about a few topics. We start off with Ambience and Atmosphere when Roleplaying, then move to the 6 Worst and 10 Best TSR games that aren’t D&D. Although I haven’t played any of them, I have heard of a lot of them, so I had fun regardless!

I hope you enjoy!

Ep. 23 – Steam Spy Actual Play

Welcome to our first installment of “Players Wanted,” the non-7th Sea side of our Actual Play.
We’re starting off with a good one, Mark’s creation, Steam Spy! We all were so excited to play this, and I think you’ll be able to tell when you listen to this.
Our characters are on a hunt for a rare herb that they plan to steal from a conflicting Organization, and from a moving train no less.

I hope you enjoy!

Ep. 21 – NPC’s

This episode, Steve decided to come back down to Earth to join us Terrans and record a podcast this week!
We talk all about NPC’s this week; everything from how to utilize them to our favorite NPC creations.

I hope you enjoy.

Wish of the Week
Damn the Man, Save the Music
Kingdom Hearts 3 – Steve
Top Secret…Cont.

RPG Reflection
Steve’s GM episodes.

Our favorite characters/NPC’s we’ve created and why?

Is there a key to making good NPC’s?

Should NPC’s be part of the Party?

How much detail should you put into an NPC?

How do you make NPCs unique? Or should you?

How do you keep players from killing off important NPCs too early?

Flash, Bash, And Panache Ep. 6 – The Crypt

Welcome back to Flash, Bash, and Panache!  A 7th Sea Actual Play Podcast.

This week, Steve’s back in the GM chair to tell some more stories!

Nathaniel and Reinn escape through the basement of the friendly tavern and into the sewers underneath Carleon. Not far into their travels, they meet a very strange character that needs their help with a personal mission of his.

Hopefully the Crew won’t get in too much trouble this time.

I hope you enjoy!

Ep. 20 – GM Prep

With Steve defending his home planet from the insurgence of war, that leaves Mark and I here on Earth recording the podcast alone.

This episode, we talk about a few different GM prep topics and taking back the term RPG for us tabletopers.

I hope you enjoy!

Wish of the Week
Star Trek Adventures
Top Secret
7th Sea Storium

Taking Back RPG’s.

Effective and efficient GM prep. Getting players involved without going overboard.

Encouraging players to be more narrative.
Can you do it? How?