Horror Games With Brendan Carrion

This week, we have Brendan Carrion from Full Metal RPG back with us!

We talk about everything Horror when it comes to RPG’s. Since Brendan’s strength is Vampire and WoD games, he was a great addition to this episode.

Look forward to our next One Shot around Halloween, Satanic Panic! We’re going to be bringing Brendan in with us to play, and I think it’ll be a great time!

I hope you enjoy!


Interview with Jim McClure

On this episode, I interview the one and only Jim McClure! We talk about his past Kickstarter (Reflections), and his new, upcoming Kickstarter (Satanic Panic) that will be released shortly after this podcast airs. We talk about his love for Legend of the 5 Rings, and much more. We could’ve talked for hours more, but you know how scheduling goes!

I hope you enjoy and go check out Jim’s Kickstarter: Satanic Panic!

Music from www.bensound.com