FBP Ep. 9 – The Ambush

Welcome back to Flash, Bash, and Panache!  A 7th Sea Actual Play Podcast.

This week, Mark leads us through the story some more, and this time, there’s some betrayal. *Dun Dun Duuuuun*

I hope you enjoy.

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Thank you all for listening, and Keep Rolling 20’s!


Ep. 26 – ENnie Awards

This week, Steve’s out fighting aliens again, so Mark and I are here to talk about games. We recap the ENnies from Gen Con this year, and talk a little bit about the Gold and Silver Winners (give or take a few honorable mentions).

We also talk about some very exciting Wishes this Week and possibly for the entire year!

I hope you enjoy!

Flash, Bash, And Panache Ep. 8 – The Forest Spirit

Welcome back to Flash, Bash, and Panache!  A 7th Sea Actual Play Podcast
On this episode, our adventurers continue their adventure. Nathaniel and Mateo head to meet the Sidhe (She) and deliver the amulet to Lady Ann Ladybee. Along the way, Nathaniel evolves into an “all powerful Forest Spirit” and Mateo plays with fire.

I hope you enjoy!

Horror Games With Brendan Carrion

This week, we have Brendan Carrion from Full Metal RPG back with us!

We talk about everything Horror when it comes to RPG’s. Since Brendan’s strength is Vampire and WoD games, he was a great addition to this episode.

Look forward to our next One Shot around Halloween, Satanic Panic! We’re going to be bringing Brendan in with us to play, and I think it’ll be a great time!

I hope you enjoy!