My Interview With Brendan Carrion

WARNING: This episode contains Explicit language!

This episode, I sit down with Brendan Carrion of the Fullmetal RPG Podcast.
We start off with an interview segment and continue on to talk about Storytelling RPG’s in detail.

I hope you enjoy!

Flash, Bash, And Panache Ep. 2 – The Mausoleum

Welcome back to Flash, Bash, and Panache! A 7th Sea Actual Play Podcast.

This episode, Mark and Steve explore the land of Castille.
They explore the “Montegue” mausoleum for the religious relic they were sent to find.

I hope you all enjoy!

Ep. 15 – Villains And Alignment

With Steve back on his home planet fighting a rebellion, Mark and I talk about a few different topics including Villains, Alignment, and a few smaller topics.

Show Notes
Wish of the Week:
Terra Mystica, the mobile app.
FATE Core System.

Our favorite GM/Player Accessories
When and How to introduce your Villain
How to not get caught up in dice rolling and mechanics
Balancing RP and Battle in Sequences/Encounters
“If you want to be a better GM, play in a lot of games. If you want to be a better player, GM a lot of games.”
The importance of sticking to your character’s alignment.