Ep. 13 – Writing Stories

This episode’s Show Notes:
Wish of the Week!
Wanting to play again soon.
Tarot Card Campaign. bragrman.com/2016/06/11/the-gm-…raming-a-campaign/

Writing Inspiration
When writing Campaigns
When developing your board games
It really depends on the genre, with space/sci fi, it’s mostly star wars/star trek.
When it’s fantasy, it’s mostly LOTR/Hobbit.
When 7th Sea, it could be Princess Bride, PotC.
Mine is personally fantasy art, going through pages and pages of art helps jog the creative mind.

Mark’s web comic, Zortic. entireprizeenterprises.com/zortic/

How to start writing RPG Stories.

Traveling in RPG’s
How to make it interesting??
It can be too plain saying “You walk for ___ and arrive at ___.”


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