Interview with Jim McClure

On this episode, I interview the one and only Jim McClure! We talk about his past Kickstarter (Reflections), and his new, upcoming Kickstarter (Satanic Panic) that will be released shortly after this podcast airs. We talk about his love for Legend of the 5 Rings, and much more. We could’ve talked for hours more, but you know how scheduling goes!

I hope you enjoy and go check out Jim’s Kickstarter: Satanic Panic!

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Ep. 9 – Play by Post and More

Mark and I talk about my new experience, and Mark’s not so new experience with Play by Post Gaming. Like always, we talk about our idol, John Wick (no, not the movie)…and a few other things.
We had fun with this last minute podcast, and I think we actually covered some good topics!

We hope you enjoy!

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