Ep. 4- Games

This is a little bit of a relaxed episode. We planned to have an Actual Play episode with Simon and Mark, but due to a last minute sickness with Simon, Mark and I decided to talk about a little bit of everything! Next week, we’ll be taking off for the Christmas Holiday. We hope you have a Happy Holiday and we’ll see you in January!

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Ep. 3: Players

This episode, Mark and I talk about everything from new players, to not-so-new players, and to GM’s/DM’s. We give some helpful tips on how new players can get started and some tips for DM’s as well.

The samurai RPG I was talking about is called Reflections. I don’t believe there is anything to purchase yet since the Kickstarter funded recently.

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Ep. 2: More About RPG’s

With Mark being away with some family obligations for the Thanksgiving Holiday, I decided to bring in a few of our friends from the Actual Play: For Glory and Fame, Jack and Simon. The Dutch and I spend this episode talking about our experience with Tabletop RPG’s and what our favorites are.

Here’s a list of the RPG’s we mention: Ryuutama , Eclipse Phase, Paranoia, DnD 4th and 5th editions, Numanera, Legend of the 5 Rings, Ars Magica, Call of Cthulhu, Fantasy Age, Titan’s Grave, Microscope, and Dread.

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