4 Glory and Fame Ep. 1: Meeting the Crew

It’s time for the first episode of our Actual Play Podcast: 4 Glory and Fame! Here we’ll introduce all of our players and get right to playing. I hope you enjoy the start of our story and look forward to the rest of our episodes.

I realize in my intro and outro, I said the name of this podcast was “4 Glory and Honor” I was aboslutely INCORRECT. The correct name is 4 Glory and Fame.

Music was used from www.bensound.com


7th Sea Pre-Show Discussion

Here’s a little 7th Sea breakdown for everyone before the first episode of our Actual Play Podcast. Mark and I tell you a little bit about how the 7th Sea game system works so you aren’t completely lost when listening to our Actual Play. I hope this clears some things up for you.

Music was used from www.bensound.com

Tabletop Radio Hour Ep. 1: Introductions

Welcome to Tabletop Radio Hour!

On this episode, you’ll learn a little bit about me, Zach, and my co-hosts Mark Mekkes and Steve Vilbig.
We talk about our backgrounds both professionally and with RPG’s and board games.

Here is a list of Mark’s content links:
There, you can find information about all of his creations from Abby’s Agency, to Agent Elf, to his long running web comic, Zortic.

Here’s a list of Steve’s content links:
Wreck-A-Mech www.facebook.com/wreckamech/
Wreck-A-Mech Twitter twitter.com/WreckAMech
Anardade Facebook www.facebook.com/AnarcadeCardGame/?ref=br_rs
Let’s Play with Slimedog and Topo www.youtube.com/channel/UCK476pWedHwgY_xb9MRvxSg

I hope you follow us through the wonderful adventure that is this Podcast!